How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck
How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck – The relationship between bad luck breaking a mirror and spirituality can be traced back through many different civilizations and eras of history. If you are one of the many people who places their faith in superstitions and age-old customs like feng shui, then you should be very careful when handling mirrors.

If you don’t know how to get rid of a broken mirror symbolism in a way that won’t bring you bad luck, removing one from your house, for instance, could bring you unfavorable outcomes. Keep reading to see how you can carry out this activity without putting yourself in harm’s way.

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck

We will also go over some aspects of the superstition that surrounds mirrors, such as the meaning of a broken mirror, what to do in the event that youdo you get bad luck if you break a mirror, and the best way to move on from the misfortune that results from breaking a mirror.

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck
How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck

How to Get Rid of a Mirror Without Bringing Yourself Ill Fortune

So it seems that you accidentally shattered a mirror. Are the next seven years going to be a complete waste for you? Not quite yet, not unless you have some idea how to undo the damage done by the previous bad karma. So, how exactly does one get rid of a mirror without inviting ill fortune? How can one turn around the unfortunate luck that comes from shattering a how to get rid of 7 years of bad luck?

Continue reading to find out more and determine which option is most suitable for you:

Remove and Throw Away the Mirror.

In the event that you want to get rid of the mirror as soon as possible, you can do it without having to shatter it or throw it into a body of water. The only thing left for you to do is get rid of the i broke a mirror by accident. There are methods around it, despite the fact that it is the least preferred method for removing unluckiness from one’s life.

Find New Uses for the Broken Glass.

Although it is not a good idea to look at your reflection in the mirror, you might want to think about reusing the broken pieces of the mirror to create an interesting piece of wall art. There are others who maintain that using this procedure is preferable to getting rid of the shards in every possible way. If you ever find yourself wondering what to do with a broken mirror, one option is to use it in some sort of craft project.

Put the Mirror in a Grave

If one is superstitious, burying the i broke a mirror what do i do rather than tossing it away is the more prudent course of action to take. Therefore, if you are also a believer, this is a far better option for you to consider. You are, in effect, “concealing” the shards from the spirits by using this method. We advise you to carry out this task at night, when it will be more difficult to see your reflection in the broken mirror.

Burn the Reflection Out of the Mirror

If you want to get rid of a if you break a mirror is it bad luck without inviting ill luck, one approach that works well is to first scorch the side of the mirror that is reflective. This is another one that can be done rather simply at home. But fire is an obvious necessity in this situation. To do the task, you can make use of anything from a simple matchstick to a burner stove; nonetheless, you will need to exercise extreme caution whatever of the tool that you choose to employ.

Try Rubbing a Tombstone With a Piece of a Mirror.

To remove the seven-year curse and restore one’s good fortune, placing a mirror shard on a gravestone and touching it is an additional option. Although it could give some folks the creeps, a lot of people do believe in this approach. This one doesn’t require nearly as much work as the last one did, however. However, in order to accomplish this, you will need to go to a cemetery nearby while there is a full moon, so this endeavor is not for those who are easily frightened.

Toss the Mirror into the Water That Is Running.

There is also the theory that if you put the broken mirror in a stream of running water and wash it, the negative karma would be neutralized. If you perform this ceremony, the curse will only be in effect for seven hours instead of seven years. If you want to keep with the custom, you should throw the shards into a river that flows southward. However, if you don’t have any flowing bodies of water nearby, some people believe that you can clean the mirror by putting it in front of a running faucet instead.

Crush the Mirror to Pieces

If you have broken a mirror, pulverizing it can be another technique to undo the damage and restore your good fortune. Many people have the belief that grinding the broken pieces even further may be able to break the curse, despite the fact that this may sound counterintuitive. Doesn’t this sound like a scene that could have been taken from one of Stephen King’s films?

Turn on your heel three times.

Another common practice on this list of ways to overcome unlucky circumstances is to turn one’s body three times clockwise. It’s as simple as tossing a handful of salt over your shoulder to do this. Even better, you won’t need anything other than yourself, so there is no need to worry if you don’t currently have access to any salt. This makes it even better. Immediately after breaking a mirror by mistake, you should perform a three-turn counterclockwise rotation, which means you should spin towards the left. This will throw off the spirits.

The salt should be thrown over the left shoulder.

If you break a mirror and want to avoid having bad luck follow you about for the rest of your life, the most common remedy is to throw salt over your shoulder. In addition to this, it is quite convenient because almost everyone has salt in their kitchen. Taking a pinch of salt and tossing it over your shoulder is all that is required of you to complete this task.

What Repercussions Will There Be If a Mirror Is Broken?

Mirror Breaking By Itself Meaning, What Do You Do If You Break A Mirror, What Does A Broken Mirror Symbolize, What Happens If I Break A Mirror
Mirror Breaking By Itself Meaning

There is a common belief that anyone breaks a mirror, whether on purpose or by accident, will have terrible luck for the next seven years. This holds true regardless of how the mirror was broken. One of the “unlucky” things that people try to avoid doing, comparable to leaving a hat on the bed, stepping on a crack, or going under a ladder, this is one of the things that people leave on the bed. But why is that?


When the reflective surface of a mirror suddenly begins to show obvious indications of disintegration for no apparent cause, many people consider this to be a portent of ill fortune. They have the belief that if a mirror breaks on its own, it implies that it has saved its owner from some type of disaster, illness, or even death. Because the unfavorable energy has become lodged within the household accessory, the mirror ought to be disposed of as soon as possible.

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