How To Change Ur Age On Tinder

How To Change Ur Age On Tinder
How To Change Ur Age On Tinder

How To Change Ur Age On Tinder – Have you misrepresented your age on Facebook in any way? Tinder will give you an incorrect age if the one listed on your Facebook profile is incorrect or if it is not visible to your friends. Sadly, this can sometimes be a source of difficulty. If you are 21 years old but your Tinder profile states that you are 27, this can significantly affect the results you get can i change name on tinder.

How To Change Ur Age On Tinder

This will, you are in luck because this problem can easily be resolved by changing your age on Facebook.

How To Change Ur Age On Tinder
How To Change Ur Age On Tinder

Sign in to your Facebook account using the browser on your computer or the app on your mobile device.

Because Tinder draws profile information from your Facebook account, if you want to modify your age on Tinder, you will first need to make the adjustment on your Facebook profile. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. You can access your Facebook profile by tapping the menu button and going there can u change your name on tinder.

Locate the “Basic Info” section and make the necessary changes there.

Check to see that your birthdate has been updated to reflect the new date. If Facebook is blocking you from altering your birthday, it’s probably because you just changed it lately and the social networking site wants to keep it that way for a while. Tap the About part of your profile, which can be found at the bottom of your profile next to the Photos and Friends tabs. Choose More about you from this menu to modify the information regarding your birth date.

Launch the Tinder application on your mobile device.

Tap the Edit button when you reach the Basic Info section. Because of this, you will be able to modify your birth date, gender, religious affiliation, and political opinions do you have to use your real name on tinder. For the time being, the only thing you will need to modify is the year that you were born.

Tap the icon labeled “Gear.” The Settings menu will become available once you do this.

When you have finished making the necessary changes to your birth date, make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then hit the Save button. Tinder should be reopened once the Facebook app has been closed. If you do not deactivate or remove your Tinder account, the age adjustment will not be visible to other users.

Tinder’s main help guidelines recommend that you delete your previous account and start over via Facebook again. However, some users have observed that the age update works by merely stopping your Tinder account; however, Tinder’s main help guidelines recommend that you delete your old account. Your age should be updated within the Tinder app within the next 24 hours does tinder automatically update your age.

Simply scroll down and select “Delete Account” from the menu.

You have decided to delete your Tinder account, which means that all matches you have made and conversations you have had will be lost.

Delete the Tinder app from your device.

This is necessary because doing so will delete the data that has been stored on your phone.

A guide to keeping your age a secret on Tinder

Do you wish that your age would be completely concealed from potential matches on Tinder? You will be able to accomplish all of that as well as access additional features if you upgrade to a Tinder Plus account. Launch the Tinder app and select the Edit Info option. You may access the panel to control your profile by scrolling to the very bottom of the page containing your information.

If you buy a Tinder Plus subscription and turn on the option to “Don’t Show My Age,” you’ll be able to conceal your age on the dating app. Unfortunately, maintaining one’s anonymity comes at a cost. Tinder Plus can be upgraded for a monthly fee of $9.99 per month, $5.83 per month for a period of six months, or $4.58 per month for an entire year.

How to modify your age on Tinder if you don’t have a Facebook account

It’s possible that you’ll never find a match on Tinder if you didn’t link your account to Facebook and if you misrepresented your age when you signed up. Once your age has been verified during the first sign-up process, Tinder won’t let you update it again unless you delete your account. According to the recommendations provided by Tinder’s support team, the best solution to this problem is to just bite the bullet, cancel your account, and say goodbye to your previous matches. You will be able to enter the proper age when you have restarted the process.

People Also Ask About How To Change Ur Age On Tinder

Does one’s age on Tinder update on their birthday?

In most circumstances, the answer is yes. Because Tinder determines your age based on the date you were born, the system will automatically update your age on an annual basis. Tinder, as you saw above, also automatically updates your age once the Facebook account that it’s linked to receives an update; however, it may take up to twenty-four hours for this modification to take effect.

Why am I unable to use Tinder because of my age?

Tinder users must be at least 18 years old to sign up for the service. It is possible that you will be asked to provide proof of your age in order to demonstrate that you are at least 18 years old and comply with our Terms of Service. This will depend on where you are located.

Is it possible to hide your age on Tinder?

Turning this setting on will prevent your age from being displayed anywhere on your profile young tinder.

Why is it that your age cannot be changed on Tinder?

If Tinder has been linked to your Facebook account, then it is the only option to modify your date of birth on the app. You will not be able to avoid this situation in any other manner than by deleting your account.


How To Change Ur Age On Tinder –¬†When you’ve already established an account, the only parts of your profile that you can’t modify are your name and your age. Having saying that, we are aware that typos do occur! In the event that any or both of your accounts require an update, you have the option to cancel your account and begin the process again.

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