How To Change Age Range On Bumble

How To Change Age Range On Bumble
How To Change Age Range On Bumble

How To Change Age Range On Bumble – If you have ever used a dating app filters, then you are well aware that there are a number of potential issues that can arise during the registration process and that many users have a tendency to make fundamental errors, such as entering the wrong name or age. The developers of dating platforms anticipated this scenario, which is also the reason why they gave all Bumble users the ability to change both their age and their name in the Account Settings section of the app.

Do you want to increase or decrease the age range of the people Bumble matches you with? It’s quite simple! On this page, we will walk you through the process of modifying your bumble ethnicity filter search filter choices so that various ages are displayed on your Android device, iPhone, iPad, or personal computer.

How To Change Age Range On Bumble

If, on the other hand, you haven’t had much experience using how to change dating preferences on bumble sites like this one and you don’t think you’d be comfortable changing your age on your own, then you should follow our step-by-step instructions and fix all of your issues with just a few clicks.

How To Change Age Range On Bumble
How To Change Age Range On Bumble

How Can I Change the Age Range on Bumble?

It is fairly simple to change the age range on the Bumble app, and doing so is one of the fundamental pieces of information that you are required to enter before making a decision regarding who will receive a swipe left and who will receive a swipe right. Once you access your Account settings within the Bumble app, you will be presented with a number of options, one of which is labeled “Adjust age range,” which can be found anywhere in the middle of the screen.

When you click on it, you will be able to begin modifying the information to reflect your new age preference bumble and delete the previous ones. The way that Bumble works is that as soon as you select a new desired age range, they will alter the matches that they recommend to you based on this new range.

After you have made modifications and opened the main page of the application, you will be able to view new people who share a lot of similarities with you despite the fact that they are of a different age.

How Do You Adjust Your Age on Bumble?

There are a number of reasons why a Bumble user might want to modify his age or date of birth on this app, but the fact of the matter is that they typically do not get to write the exact age, and a simple error like this one can have a significant impact on their overall dating experience advanced filters bumble.

It is not possible for users who have already joined Bumble and had their profile verified by their phone number to make changes to either their display name or their age in a straightforward manner.

Mobile App

Tap the icon of the Hive. You’ll find it in the middle of the screen’s bottom half.

To use the filter, tap its icon. It looks like two sliders and is located in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. This displays your search preferences, including age, gender, and bumble change distance, among other categories (in some regions).

You can select the bumble bff age range you wish to see by dragging the sliders in the appropriate direction. Tap and drag the circle on the far left to the youngest age you’re willing to match with, and tap and drag the circle on the far right to the oldest age.

Tap Apply. It is the yellow button that is located at the very bottom of the screen. This will remember your updated choices for the age range, limiting the potential matches you view to those who are the same age as you.

Bumble Web

To view your profile picture, click here. On the Bumble website, it is located in the upper-left hand corner of the page.

Click Settings. It’s on the left-hand side of the screen, rather close to the middle of the menu.

Move the sliders to the desired ages to make your selection. You can set the minimum age you’re willing to match with by clicking and dragging the left slider, and you can choose the maximum age by clicking and dragging the right slider.

To exit the settings, simply click the “X” button. As a result of your recent adjustment to the age range filter, you will now only be able to view potential matches who are within the new age range.

People Also Ask About How To Change Age Range On Bumble

On Bumble, is it possible to change your age?

Yes, you are able to modify your age on Bumble; however, the process of doing so may be different for you based on how you initially joined the platform. For some users, the first step in solving this problem will be to adjust their age on Facebook, while others will need to contact customer care for assistance.

Where can I find the instructions for deleting my Bumble account?

Simply opening your Bumble account, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking on the red button that says “Delete account” is all that is required to delete a Bumble account. The process is really simple and straightforward. After you have confirmed this action, you will no longer have any access to your account under any circumstances.

On a Bumble profile, who can see my age and who can’t?

If you choose bumble advanced filters not free, other Bumble users will be able to see it regardless of whether or not you do so; nevertheless, I do not advocate doing so because it may prevent you from meeting some truly fantastic people. You don’t have anything to hide, therefore I always encourage individuals to be open and honest about their age. I’m the same age as you.

Is it possible to update my age on any of my devices?

You will be able to simply modify your age on Bumble through an iOS or Android iPhone device, just like you are able to do on Tinder and Hinge bumble race filter.


How To Change Age Range On Bumble – Your change preferences bumble for the age range of potential mates will only effect who you see in those matches. It is possible that someone who does not fall within your desired age range will still see you in their matches if they include your age in their preferred age range.

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