How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key
How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key – It’s possible that you need to get a spare key manufactured now. Brass or a nickel-brass alloy is commonly used in the production of double sided key copy, and locks typically use brass pins. Nickel can also be used in the production of keys. Keys and pins are subject to wear and tear after years of consistent use. In addition, it is essential to keep spare keys on hand (maybe left with a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor) in the event that you ever find yourself locked out of your home or require the assistance of a friend or member of your family to gain access to your residence for whatever reason.

It Depends on the Method Used to Make the Copies

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key
How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key

If you make a copy of the key using a machine that traces the profile of the original key and then utilizes that tracing to cut another key, the harbor freight keys made will reproduce any wear and tear that was present on the original key, in addition to invariably introducing some faults. It has been pointed out in other responses that the number of errors will change based on the level of expertise had by the operator. This indicates that subsequent copies are not up to the quality of the original. When you make copies of copies, eventually you will mess up the originals sufficiently that the key will no longer work in the lock.

The majority of keys feature a numeric code on the bow, which the locksmith can use to cut a new key from code if necessary. The locksmith can use this information to cross-reference with the original cut code from the manufacturer. According to what I’ve been told, however, manufacturers are quite protective of this data; hence, I don’t think any individual locksmith that you may call could do this unless they have a working relationship with the specific manufacturer of your lock.

Powerful Advice and Suggestions Regarding Copy Keys

Place Them Over An Open

The teeth on one side of the key need to be scorched, so place them over an open flame and hold them there. Make use of a lit candle or a lighter. Repeatedly moving the key’s teeth back and forth over the flame will unlock the door. To completely darken one side of the key should take around one to two minutes. After you have scorched one side of the key, place it down and wait for it to become lukewarm to the touch.

Put A Piece Of Transparent Tape On The Side Of The Key

Put a piece of transparent tape on the side of the key that has been blackened. Make sure the length of the piece of transparent tape matches the length of the key. Clear tape of a standard size ought to do the trick for the majority of house keys. Place it carefully on top of the key, taking care to prevent it from creasing. It is necessary to apply significant pressure on the side of the key that has been darkened in order to transfer the character.

After Ten Seconds

After ten seconds, carefully remove the tape from the surface. When you remove the tape, take careful that it doesn’t fold or crease while you do so. The key’s imprint will be left on the adhesive side of the tape by the char, which will be in the same form as the key.

Put The Tape On An Old Credit Card That Has Been Used

Put the tape on an old credit card that has been used or on a plastic gift card. The best card to use is one with a regular thickness. Place the tape on the card in such a way that it completely covers the key imprint. Make sure the tape is laid out flat so that the teeth do not lose their natural form.

To Open The Lock

To open the lock, slowly turn the homemade key in the lock. Carefully insert the key into the lock so that it does not become distorted in any way. After it has been completely inserted, bring the key as close to the lock as possible while continuing to spin it. It ought to unlock without any effort.

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key

Here as part of our locksmith services in Chicago, we will provide you with the following information on the creation of a new how long does it take to cut a key.

A typical key can be precisely duplicated by a competent locksmith in a matter of minutes at most. The duplication of a more sophisticated key can take up to a quarter of an hour. It’s possible that where you go to get your key copied will determine how long it takes to acquire a copy of your key.

Is the original key necessary to produce a copy, or can I make a key without it?

It is not necessary to have the original key in order to have a duplicate key manufactured. If you do not have the original key or if it has become too worn down over time, you will need to consult with a qualified locksmith who can use a code cutter to determine the groove depths of the key code for your lock. If you do not have the original key, you will need to replace it. This will provide the locksmith with the information they need to properly cut your key to ensure a perfect fit.

Is it possible to make copies of skeleton keys?

It’s possible that you’re a collector of old skeleton does cvs make key copies, or that you reside in an older house with locks that can only be opened with skeleton keys. If this is the case, a qualified locksmith should be able to make copies of your skeleton keys for you. At Anderson Lock in Des Plaines, we continue to cut and sell skeleton keys for use in fine cabinetry and older residential locks. These keys can also be used in older domestic locks. If you need a skeleton key, we can help.


Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate” should not have copies made from them under any circumstances. If you live in an apartment, you should get permission from your landlord before duplicating a key. It’s possible that they won’t let you.

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