How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating

How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating
How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating

How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating – The mother cat should never be separated from her newborn kittens. The mother cat and her kittens require a warm and dry environment in which to sleep, play, and nurse. how long can a week old kitten go without eating, some old clothes or a towel can be used to provide some coziness to the nest that you create for the mother and her young. In order for the kittens to be able to feed from their mother, the box must be sufficiently long to allow the mother cat to lie on her side and stretch out completely. The perimeter of the box should be about five inches tall to allow the mother cat to readily enter and exit while ensuring that her kittens remain safe inside.

How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating

How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating
How Long Can Newborn Kittens Go Without Eating

A newborn kitten need just as much attention and care as a newborn human child does. Is your cat tucked away in the furthest corner of the room, hiding beneath the bed, and showing no signs of hunger?

For optimal growth, kittens should be fed every four to six hours when they are young. A kitten that isn’t getting enough food will eventually start to waste away. In most cases, they are able to make it for up to a week without food, but if they go too long without eating, it can cause major problems with their liver.

A kitten that is malnourished will have a compromised immune system. As newborn kittens, they have very no eyesight, therefore they are completely reliant on their moms for everything. Additionally, just like people, they learn from their mothers. It’s possible that this is the primary cause of starvation. Therefore, you will need to assist them with either chewing the milk or drinking it.

How To Feed A Nnewborn Kitten With A Syringe

This time will , In general, newborn kittens can go between three and four hours without eating. It is possible that they could go for six to seven hours without eating if they are sleeping through the night. After that, the body of the kitten will begin to deteriorate, and the kitten will most likely pass away as a result. It is best to feed a newborn kitten every two to three hours to make certain that they are receiving the appropriate amount of nutrition.

A kitten that is between 3 and 4 weeks old may obviously go without feeding for a little bit longer. Kittens of this age have the ability to go approximately 14 hours without being fed in most cases. At this age, however, we recommend that you feed your kitten at least once every eight hours. It is of the utmost significance that you provide a newborn kitten with a diet that is both balanced and nourishing.

How Long Can Kittens Go Without Drinking Milk Before They Die?

Breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for infants because it provides the optimal amount of essential elements. Colostrums is another name for breast milk. Whether they are humans or cats, all live mammals require colostrum in order to maintain a healthy existence.

Yes, even your kitten. However, the mother cat cannot be seen with her newborn baby!

Feeding A Kitten With A Syringe

A newborn kitten has only a twelve-hour window of opportunity to live without its mother’s milk. A small grown-up kitten can go up to four days without eating if they have to. In these circumstances, you should stick with the option of milk because it has practically all of the nutrients. One such alternative is the use of a milk substitute formula.


A newly born kitten need the same level of attention and care as any other infant. You need to develop a routine for yourself and give them the attention and focus they deserve in order to live a calm living. Keep in mind that your kitten is still getting used to its new surroundings when it comes to feeding it. Therefore, treat them with kindness.

It is not unusual for young kittens to refuse food, so there is no need for alarm; however, you should remain vigilant in case she requires any kind of medical attention. After you have tried all of the treatments, the most effective approach to nourish them is to show them love and care.

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