How Far Is Spain From Africa

How Far Is Spain From Africa – It is an amazing experience to travel to different continents; I still can’t get over the rush I experienced when moving from one continent to another. But what if you could take in the sights of another continent even when you were physically located on a third? The sensation is one of a kind, comparable to that which one would have if they were to take pleasure in observing can you see africa from gibraltar.

Is it possible to view Africa when standing in Europe? It is possible to see Africa from a number of different locations in Europe that are situated around the Strait of Gibraltar, which is a body of water that separates the African continent and the European continent. These places include Gibraltar, Tarifa, Mirador dor Estrecho, Nerja, Sierra de Istan in Marbella, and Algeciras.

How Far Is Spain From Africa

The can you see africa from spain that can be had from Europe are the subject of this essay. I have included a comprehensive rundown of the precise spots along the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar that are home to the most breathtaking vistas. You are able to have a “up close and personal” look of Africa thanks to the binoculars that come highly suggested by me. In addition, I have provided you with a list of additional breathtaking locations that you can visit in addition to Africa.

How Far Is Spain From Africa
How Far Is Spain From Africa

Is It Possible to View Africa from Europe?

There is no doubt that one can you see morocco from spain. However, the distance between Africa and your position will determine how much of the African continent you are able to see from your vantage point. The view of Africa is better from vantage points that are closer to it than those that are further away since the distance between the two continents is shorter. Better views can also be had by ascending to higher heights and making use of binoculars when doing so. Let me explain:

The continents of Europe and Africa are separated from one another by a body of water that serves as a passageway between the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. The name given to this passageway (which is technically a strait) is the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spain and Gibraltar are located on the European side of the Strait of Gibraltar, whereas Morocco and Ceuta are located on the African side of the strait.

What is the distance between Spain and Africa?

At its narrowest point, the Straight of Gibraltar is 8.9 miles (or 14 kilometers) long, making it the shortest route possible between Africa and Spain. To be even more specific, it takes a ferry approximately thirty-five minutes to travel from Europe to Africa through the section of the Strait of Gibraltar that is the narrowest.

Because of this, the can you see spain from morocco is one of the places in Europe from which it is possible to see Africa. On the European side of the Strait of Gibraltar, there are multiple places that offer breathtaking panoramas of the African continent. This is even more excellent news.

What kind of views of Africa are available from Gibraltar?

British territory in overseas locations includes Gibraltar. It is situated on the southern coast of Spain, midway between Europe and Africa, and it is only 23 kilometers (14 miles) away from the African continent. Because of this, it is an excellent location from which to view Africa when one is in how close is spain to africa.

The territory of Gibraltar covers a total size of 6.6 square kilometers. The Rock of Gibraltar is a Jurassic limestone outcrop that rises to a height of 1398 feet and is the region’s most prominent landform. The rock has a view that extends over the Strait of Gibraltar. When you arrive in Gibraltar or land on the ground there, it will be the first thing that you notice.

Interesting tidbit: the airport in Gibraltar is consistently ranked as one of the most hazardous airports in the world. Why is it the case? The runway goes right through the middle of Gibraltar City, and to make matters even worse, it crosses Winston Churchill Avenue, which is one of the busiest avenues in the entire city. Have fun with the excitement.

Exploration of the Waters Around Gibraltar and the Rock of Gibraltar

There are a few different routes you can take to the peak of the Rock of Gibraltar, including the following:

utilizing a cable car system

Hire a taxi

Hike all the way up there.

Hire a tour guide

You may reach the summit of the rock in just six minutes using a cable car, but if you choose one of the other ascent methods, you will have the chance to investigate the rock along the route.

A taxi will drive you on a circuit trip around the rock and all the way up to a point near the summit, making stops at other interesting spots along the way (listed below). If you choose to go on the hike, you should make sure that you have plenty of time and that you are prepared to work up a good sweat because the majority of the trail is uphill.

Locations that are of interest:

Castle built by the Moors

WW2 tunnels

Great Siege tunnels

City Under Siege

The Cave of St. Michael

The Apes Den (You are not need to go to the Apes Den in order to view the apes.) During the course of your journey, you will come into contact with them. They can be found everywhere)

The Perspectives Available from the Very Top of the Rock of Gibraltar

As soon as you reach the peak of the mountain, you will be treated to breathtaking panoramas that encompass the entire rock and its surroundings, including Africa.

On the western side of the peninsula, you can see the coastal towns of Algeciras and Tarifa on the Spanish Coast. A well-known coastal tourist destination in Andalusia, the Costa del Sol may be seen if you head to the north of the region. The Sierra Nevada mountains of California can be seen from this vantage point in the northern part of the state.

Is it possible to view Africa when standing in Europe? In Gibraltar, definitely! When you travel across the Strait of Gibraltar, you will be able to observe the coast of Africa. The mountain ranges of northern Morocco, which are commonly referred to as the Rif, provide a breathtaking panorama when they come into view from a distance.

You will also have the opportunity to view the section of the Atlas Mountains that is located in Morocco. These mountains can be found in three different nations on the African continent: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Where else in Europe will provide you with a view of Africa?

It is now abundantly evident that the Strait of Gibraltar provides a number of vantage points of Africa, with Gibraltar being the best of these. Given that the length of the strait is greater than 60 kilometers, from what other vantage points can you enjoy magnificent views?

As I was saying earlier, you have a few different choices:


This town is located in the province of Cadiz in the Andalucia region of Spain. It sits on the seashore. It is 8.9 miles away from the continent of Africa and sits at the narrowest point of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Because of the strong winds that blow across the region, the town of Tarifa is a favorite destination for people who enjoy windsurfing and kiteboarding. It also offers a large number of restaurants and pubs, where you can relax with a drink while taking in the sights of the northern shores of how far is africa from spain.

Take advantage of the fact that the majority of buildings in Tarifa have roof gardens, since this will provide you with wonderful views of Africa over the Strait of Gibraltar. If you are looking for a place to stay in Tarifa, you should do so.

You can visit some well-known spots to take in views of Africa that are even more breathtaking and unforgettable. Great examples include the Guadalmesi watchtower located on the Colada de la Costa hiking path, the castle of the Guzman the Righteous (Castillo de Guzman el Bueno) located within Tarifa town, and the Playa Punta de Paloma, which is a magnificent beach located north of Tarifa town.

The beauty of the scene is amplified when seen at night. The light from Tangier and the other Moroccan cities along the coast is reflected off of the water.

Mirador dor Estrecho (Overlook of the Strait)

This vantage point overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar may be found less than ten minutes’ driving north-east of Tarifa Town. It is approximately 3.7 miles away.

The spectacular Jebel Musa peak in Morocco, which rises to an altitude of 2763 feet, can be seen from here. The highest point in the Rif mountain range is known as Jebel Musa.

Ceuta is a place in Africa, if you’re interested. From Mirador dor Estrecho, one has a magnificent view of this Spanish city, which is situated on the coast of Africa’s northernmost peninsula.

Another thing that you could find interesting to watch is the continuous movement of a large number of ships and ferries that are traversing the strait. This takes place each and every day during the entire year.

The Rest of the World

Nerja, a tourist town in Spain, Algeciras, the Sierra de Istan in Marbella, and various points within Malaga harbor City are among the other spots where people have claimed to see Africa on days with clear, sunny skies. Notable about all of these locations is that they look out over the Strait of Gibraltar.

People Also Ask About How Far Is Spain From Africa

Is Spain In Europe Or Africa, Sea Between Africa And Europe
Is Spain In Europe Or Africa

How far is it from Spain to Africa?

There is a distance of 3813 kilometers that separates how far is spain from africa.

How long does it take to get from Spain to Africa?

When all connections are accounted for, the journey from Spain to Africa takes around 17 hours and 35 minutes.

How far is Africa from Spain by plane?

This is equivalent to a distance of 5,173 miles if traveled by air. The shortest distance possible to travel between Spain and South Africa is 8,325 kilometers, which is equal to 5,173 miles when traveling by air. It will take you a total of 9.24 hours to get to South Africa from Spain if you use an airplane, which travels at an average speed of 560 miles per hour.

What is the closest point between Europe and Africa?

One of the most important points of contact between the African and European continents is the Rock of Gibraltar, which is located on the coast of Europe. It is only 8 miles (or 13 kilometers) broad where it is at its most constricted point.


How Far Is Spain From Africa – It is possible to view Africa from Europe, and what’s even better is that you may do so from a variety of vantage points across the continent. Because it is the place at where Europe and Africa are joined together in the most direct fashion, the Strait of Gibraltar is where you will find the most breathtaking vantage points.