How Does The Trust Technique Work

How Does The Trust Technique Work – They are able to pick up on our feelings, including our worries and our affections for each other, and this is often mirrored in the way that they behave and relate to both us and the other people in our environment. You may have noticed that if you, for whatever reason, feel uneasy in a specific situation or develop a distaste for it, perhaps by getting into a dispute with neighbors, your dog may start to react protectively within the context of the situation or develop a similar distaste or distrust of the person or situation that you feel uneasy about.

How Does The Trust Technique Work

This may cause your dog to start reacting protectively within the context of the situation or develop a similar distaste or distrust of the person or situation.

How Does The Trust Technique Work
How Does The Trust Technique Work

This frequently takes place in a somewhat thoughtless manner

For instance, when you were out for a stroll with your dog, it might have encountered another dog and gotten into a fight with that dog. The next time you go out, you may find that you are apprehensive about how your dog will react when it encounters other dogs. Your dog has the ability to pick up on your anxiety, and when another dog is in the vicinity while your anxiety is at a height, it causes your dog to feel distressed. A few iterations of this pattern will educate your dog that whenever there is the presence of another dog, you will feel anxious.

It begins to believe that you are concerned about other canines because of their presence. It starts to perceive other canines as a threat and a potential problem. After that, it will act as though it is defending you from other dogs in the belief that it is doing it in its own self-interest. Before you know it, you will have a huge problem on your hands since your dog will attempt to fight other dogs whenever he sees them.

James French Trust Technique

One other illustration of a dog’s sensitivity is james french trust technique provided by the recent realization that some canines are able to detect epileptic episodes or strokes in people a considerable amount of time before the symptoms manifest. This is not telepathy; rather, the dog is sensing very subtle shifts in the chemical composition of the person’s perspiration who is about to have the seizure well in advance of the onset of the seizure. Dogs can be taught to provide advanced notice by signaling whenever they get certain scent signals. This can be accomplished through training.

Trust Technique Practitioner

We trust technique practitioner are very accustomed to reading and hearing about external and environmental factors that can cause or create behavioral issues in our dogs, but our own moods and emotions have a much stronger and more intimate cause and effect on the dogs we spend our time with. This is because our moods and emotions have a direct impact on how we interact with our dogs. When we make them angry, they give us a response. If we are calm, they will be able to be as well. We are to blame for the unsettled state our minds are in if they are a mix of thoughts and confusions brought on by ourselves.

The method in which our dogs respond to training, the way in which they form bonds with us, and the way in which they interact with people and other dogs that they come into touch with are all heavily influenced by our actions. It follows that if we are able to better control the way in which we communicate with our dogs, our influence on their behavior will be more positive and productive. This is because we will be able to avoid situations in which our signals are misinterpreted or clouded by issues that can cause contradictions and negative behavior.

James French Trust Technique Reviews

The james french trust technique reviews assists us in achieving greater clarity and concentration in the manner in which we communicate with our animals.

According to James French, the trust strategy can be summed up as follows:

The Trust Technique is an approach to communication and healing that combines the two.

It does this by slowing down the mental processes of the animal, which in turn causes a shift in their emotional state and gives them the ability to develop self-assurance.

The method instructs the human on how to establish a state of mind that is relaxed and serene, as well as how to transfer this state of mind to the animal receiving the treatment. This, in turn, establishes a more profound level of trust between the two of you and serves as a sturdy educational basis for the animal.

It is a whole new level of relationship that works in harmony with the feelings and cultivates the spirit of both the human and the animal involved.

What Is The Trust Technique

What Is The Trust Technique
What Is The Trust Technique

James French is a teacher of Animal Communication what is the trust technique. He is also the creator of the Trust Technique, which he designed so that others may learn the necessary skills to communicate with their animals and lay the groundwork for trust, which in turn assists their owners in training and assists them in overcoming behavioral issues.

James has realized that the application of his program would be very useful for animals that are in need of rescue. Many of these animals have social and behavioral issues, and they are slow to respond to traditional training or methods of behavior modification. This is because it is initially difficult to overcome barriers that prevent them from being responsive to strangers. James’s program could help overcome these barriers.

As a result of this, James has provided possibilities for animal rescue organizations such as ours to have a member trained in the technique. This individual may then apply sessions to animals that are in the care of our organization. In our particular circumstance, James has spent time in our facility instructing Nicki Oliver in the appropriate use of his protocols. It has turned out to be rather useful.


How Does The Trust Technique Work –┬áThe video that follows is a good illustration of how the therapeutic value of the technique has been used by Nicki to allow her to quickly get close to a very nervous and sensitive dog, create a bond with the dog, and encourage trust in herself by the dog. Nicki has then used the dog’s trust in her to enable the dog to more readily accept situations and people that it would have been too frightened to tolerate without many months of careful socialization. The video can be found below. What Nicki has accomplished with Tess in just two weeks could have, under other circumstances, taken a significant amount of time to accomplish.