How Did Kirk White Pass Away

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How Long Does Bondo Take To Dry

How Did Kirk White Pass Away – Kirk F. White, a name well known in Ferrari circles, passed away on March 20, 2020. While some of his exploits and accomplishments are well known they can only scratch the surface of who did susan kirk white pass away White was. I will make no excuse about what I have learned about Mr. White. I Googled him and found his story on his website, simply named.

There for all to read is a recounting in White’s words is an incredible tale of a life well-lived and filled with many adventures. Among those stories are a raw look into the tragedy and tribulations of a lifetime of living.

How Did Kirk White Pass Away

In the 36 chapters and 920 pages of text is a great story that encompasses automobiles and motorcycles along with toys and trains. You would be correct to say White’s life centered around mechanical and whimsical novelties.

How Did Kirk White Pass Away
How Did Kirk White Pass Away

Family Tree Kirk White Obituary West Virginia

White was raised near Philadelphia, PA., family tree kirk white obituary west virginia by his mother and father, who was a mechanical engineer. His father also had a well-equipped machine shop behind their house and was able to teach young Kirk much in the way of mechanical things.

Unfortunately Kirk’s father, George Albert White, died of a heart attack when young Kirk was ten years old. This was to cause many hardships in the young boy’s life.

While his mother found work, there was still a need to supplement the family coffers. One of the rooms was rented to a gentleman named John Jewell.

Is Kirk White Alive

Jewell took Kirk to the Hatfield Speedway one Saturday to see Midget auto races is kirk white alive. The Midget racers would be running Offenhauser or flathead Ford V-8 60 engines. Seeing those racers sliding around the half-mile dirt with loud exhaust made an impression on Kirk.

Money was tight but pleasures could still be found. A gift one Christmas brought a gas-powered tether car. Tether cars are raced on a circular track with the ‘driver’ holding the string. These gas-powered small-displacement cars required a bit of skill to make them travel quickly around the track.

Kirk discovered a novel way of lying down and whipping the string around one handed that went against the conventional method of sitting and passing the string behind one,s back while changing hands.

Kirk White West Virginia 2020 Obituary

At The 1950 Philadelphia Sportsman Show kirk white west virginia 2020 obituary stumbled upon a speed contest sponsored by the Cox Thimble Drome Company. After observing several contestants, he inquired on how to enter. He quickly demonstrated his unique style and came away with the fastest 5-lap time.

Cox gave a prize of a new Thimble Drome Champion car and an “Official Certificate”. The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper listed twelve-year-old Kirk F. White as the Cox Motor Racing Champion of the World.

As Kirk became older, bicycles became a common mode of transportation and modification came as a way to set him apart from the others. It would be clear that inside Kirk F. White was a bit of a hot-rodder waiting to get out.

Between an older neighbor kid next door and his mother’s new Plymouth there was new-found excitement in automobiles. The neighbor had a 1949 Ford 2-door coupe he had hopped up with Edelbrock heads and Belond headers among other modifications.

Kirk would have many experiences riding in that car to add with the clandestine excursions with his mom’s Plymouth. Kirk was even able to make some sly changes to the Plymouth without raising a questioning eye from his mother.

Another pursuit was motorcycles. Cheap transportation and freedom is just what every young man wants. This was almost too much for his mother and the time arrived to get a proper car for Kirk.

Sue Kirk White Obituary West Virginia

Sue Kirk White Obituary West Virginia, Susan Kirk White Obituary West Virginia
Sue Kirk White Obituary West Virginia

Immediately upon graduating from high school sue kirk white obituary west virginia married and moved to Florida to seek fame and fortune as a racing driver. It was not to be. The plan was not well-thought-out and prospects were slim. 1958 was not a banner year and Kirk would return to Philadelphia by late fall.

It was time to buckle down and consider getting a ‘real’ job with a real career. He applied with Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company as a clerk. While the work was mundane he excelled at completing every task given to him.

Kirk was shifted to greater and more demanding positions to ultimately be salesman. As sales grew so did the salary. A new Austin-Healey Sprite was acquired which led Kirk to Lou Delaney’s Suburban Foreign Cars, one of the first sports car dealers in the Philadelphia area. It was there Kirk saw his first Ferrari.

Other sports cars would come along, a Triumph TR3, and then a Jaguar XK120M Drophead Cabriolet. The thought of purchasing and reselling sports cars began to take hold. With the insurance business doing quite well this could add up to be a nice side endeavor.

In June of 1964 the California went home with its new owner. The insurance salesman would arrive in style to his clients’ office. Clearly a successful salesman needs to drive a symbol of success. In addition, it was much easier to break the ice discussing sports cars than the need for life insurance.

On a parallel track, an associate Kirk had met, Francis C. Grant III, known as “T”, was interested in developing a foreign sports car sales business. “T” was also hired at Algar as salesman but continued to work towards his dream goal.


How Did Kirk White Pass Away – 512M S/N 1040 was soon acquired and Penske took over the project. Much has been written about the Penske/White collaboration and the trials and tribulations at Daytona 1971. The crash, the duct tape, repairs done on the fly, even help from Luigi Chinetti: it is an epic story that requires more space than allowed here.