Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa

Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa – Since they first opened their doors, I’ve come here a number of times. In every instance, the meal, as well as the portions, have more than lived up to the price. In the beginning, they undoubtedly had problems with the quality of the service, but since then, things have much improved. Both Barb and Amanda are incredibly attentive, which will make you want to visit their establishment more than once breakfast hanover pa.

Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa

This cnoilpainting.com will share about eisenhower diner in hanover pa, lets check it denny’s hanover pa.

Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa
Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa

Alternatives for services






A reassuring meal

Kids’ menu

A quick morsel

Dinnerware for one or two.

Popular Items Eisenhower Diner – 375 Eisenhower Drive

Ham Omelette

Home Fries

Egg Bacon Croissant

Eisenhower Spec

Spaghetti Meatball

Menu Options For Eisenhower Diner Hanover Pa Menu

Eisenhower diner hanover pa menu :

Festa del Mariscos

Chiken Pot Pai

Stuffed Duo

Lemon Pepper Haddock

Position and travel route

The Eisenhower diner can be found in York County, which is in the state of Pennsylvania. On Eisenhower Drive, the street number is 375, and the street name is Eisenhower Drive. The phone number to call if you need to get in touch with the establishment or have a question is (717) 634-5675.

The Eisenhower diner may be found easily by using the coordinates 39.8241562 and -76.9833427, which can be entered into navigational apps diners in hanover pa.

Hours Eisenhower Diner Hanover Pa

Eisenhower Diner Hanover Pa

Every Thursday is a 24-hour day.

On Friday, we are open nonstop.

Saturdays are open around the clock.

Sundays are always open nonstop.

On Monday, our doors are always open.

Every Tuesday is a 24-hour day.

Wednesday is a day when we’re open nonstop.

Phone Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa

+1 717-634-5675

375 Eisenhower Dr Hanover Pa

Would I consider going to the 375 eisenhower dr hanover pa again? Absolutely! Okay, so after looking at the pricing, we decided, “Oh my gosh,” let’s buy two meals for each of us so that we can eat breakfast, lunch, and supper the following day as well. I went with the stuffed shells and turkey with stuffing or dressing for my meals. I can’t help but mention the mashed potatoes drizzled with gravy.

Diners Hanover Pa

Diners hanover pa i came here for the very first time because I was looking for a new place to have breakfast and I ended up finding it. I went with the country-style steak and eggs option. And let me tell you that the serving size is just right in every way. A juicy and nicely fried golden brown steak that has not been overcooked and retains its juices. And all the edges were fried to a golden perfection there was.


Eisenhower Diner In Hanover Pa – Around 9 o’clock, we went in for a late meal at the restaurant. At first, I was apprehensive because the only other workers I saw were teenagers, but I rapidly became quite impressed. They were very pleasant to talk to and worked diligently! The waitress that attended to us was very kind and took excellent care of us eisenhower diner menu hanover pa.

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