Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach

Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach – To begin, I adore the fact that this is a family-run enterprise. Since they first opened their doors, I’ve been going here regularly. The wonderful owners of the business are Frank and Kasha Pantini. However, I do wish that they would visit this site more frequently.

In addition to selling items sold by pharmacies, this store sells greeting cards, cookies, coffee, toys, school supplies, coffee mugs, large bags of candy, and always has a stocked supply of decorations that can be purchased for the current holiday.

Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach

They not only deliver but also are able to place bespoke orders for you bay chemist howard beach.

Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach
Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach

Crossbay Chemist Howard Beach

The employees in the drugstore, cross bay chemist howard beach in particular one of them who is stocky and has dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, are very ride. I’m not sure why she chose to target her nasty attitude toward me, but she certainly has one. First, I waited ten minutes before I asked the first inquiry. The two women working the register were quite busy, yet they maintained a professional demeanor despite the fact that only one of them was actually assisting the clients. At that location, there was a man who was both taking phone calls and preparing patients’ medication at the same time. It seems that he was the only one putting forth a significant amount of effort.

The other staff members on the premises were really pleasant. Even after eventually completing out the paperwork and paying for the test (which was $20 with my insurance card), I had to wait in order to obtain the test cross bay chemist ozone park. This process took around 20 minutes total. The young woman with the blond hair had a very pleasant demeanor.

The other members of staff there made up for the fact that I could only give this establishment two stars.
for this one unfortunate lady who is suffering. If she were to leave the premises, I would be more inclined to give it a higher rating crossbay chemist.

I believe it’s Mom and Pop’s Pharmacy, which is something that’s always good to see. Your medications can be filled right here, and they do accept insurance as payment. In addition to that, they have the typical pharmacy items. Things related to personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics geared toward ladies, stationery, and other items, etc.

I believe that they are also able to deliver

Due to their location directly on the Boulevard, parking is either controlled by meters or is available in a large lot just a few blocks away. Because it is shared with the businesses that are located nearby, the parking lot can get quite crowded at times.

Have been a customer at the 101st Avenue location for years, and the personnel there is consistently wonderful and polite. If they do not have a medication in stock, they will place an order for it and typically have it available by the afternoon of the same day. We are happy to provide our business to a local company. When it comes to pharmacies, CBC is in a league of its own; the attention provided by this mom-and-pop shop surpasses that of any chain pharmacy store, which doesn’t know who you are or why you’re there and doesn’t care either way.

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What kind of reputation does Cross Bay Chemist have?

The overall rating for Cross Bay Chemist is 3.5 stars out of 5.

At Cross Bay Chemist, what kinds of currency and payment methods are accepted?

Credit cards can be used to make purchases at Cross Bay Chemist.


Cross Bay Chemist Howard Beach – CBC has been one of my go-to stores for many years crossbay chemist in howard beach… There is no one more qualified than Frank at CBC to serve customers when it comes to going to a pharmacy. You never feel like simply another customer who strolled in off the street; rather, you are treated like a person at all times. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that they offer free shipping and have a fantastic website! Dealing with Frank is infinitely preferable to doing business with a CVS-style store any day! The costs are really reasonable, and the quality of service is unrivaled.

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